I don't want them to grow up too quickly and miss what being young and carefree is all about.
I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
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Saturday, 11 June 2011

What's In A Word?

Pleasant Bay
  I have been a bit stressed with the going ons of my second home that sits quietly on a dead end street over looking a beautiful bay in Cape Cod. The Bay is beautiful and the house is great. To look at the house, you wouldn't think it had a care in the world. But it does. Termites have attacked the wooden sleepers on the front steps. A weird creeper has infiltrated the air conditioning unit and some sort of bee has taken up residency with the local raccoon in my shed. That's on the outside. 

   Inside though, if a certain woman who shall remain nameless  had her way, I would have to re-due the entire place! A stain on a bit of carpet, a broken light fixture in the kitchen, never mind that there are 19 that Do work in the kitchen alone, Older Laura Ashley bed covers (give it time and they will be back in style) and the screened in summer porch could use a lick of paint. Really stupid things.
  They are all easily fixable and I have a very capable sister who is near by and can sort it for me, I just write the checks and she gets to stay in a really nice summer house close to the beach and on the bay for free!
  It's the woman who shall remain nameless that I am having the problem with. She drives me nuts. She makes me use a word that I really don't like as well, hate.I have always tried to never hate anything or anyone. It is a very strong word and shouldn't be used lightly in my book. I have tried to encourage my children to follow this ideal as well. But this woman, I think I hate. She has made my life miserable over the last five weeks. I have never met her and the only times I have spoken to her on the phone, I have wanted to hang up and throw the phone against the wall! 
  So there I was the other day, picking up my chick from her bus stop when she hopped in and it only took her 10 seconds to realize that I was in a foul mood. She guessed on the second go that it had to do with The Cape house as we call it. We spent to car ride home and part of the time fixing dinner, discussing the word hate. She thinks I'm justified in my choice of word in this case. She told me that she doesn't hate anything or anyone at the moment. I was very pleased by this. She also said that she just didn't have the time or energy to hate, that it was too exhausting and I was proof of that. !5 and so mature already. I have been thinking about this all the rest of the week and she is right. It isn't worth my time to hate her. I can fix it so I never have to deal with her again after August when the last renters leave. One smartly placed letter to the branch manager should sort that. So I have decided to 'dislike her very much'. I actually feel better now, knowing that I don't hate someone because it really is exhausting. 


  1. Mother Hen I sooooo feel your pain! The tenants in our house in France are doing the same. They rented a 260 year old house and expect level floors and flat walls. Little foibles that we lived with for years and which certainly didn't hinder their enjoyment of a beautiful house in a stunning location have had to be fixed at huge cost and to top it all they have not paid their rent for two months while trousering 800 euros a week for renting out the guest cottage that comes with the house for holiday lets. Under French law we can't even give them notice until next year. I know your daughter is right but it's so difficult isn't it?

    There's an award for you over at my blog

  2. Oooh I'd dislike her very much too but as you say one letter at the end of the season and peace beautiful peace!

  3. Your house sounds lovely. A nature trail AND Laura Ashly AND a bay. Bliss

    Naughty, yucky woman. Eradicate her from thy life!


  4. Ah, I feel your pain. We rent - last year one fellow made me want to swim the Atlantic just to bitch slap him. We did not rent to him again this year even though he requested it. Life is too short to hate. You'll be rid of her soon enough.