I don't want them to grow up too quickly and miss what being young and carefree is all about.
I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
My other children- the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Missing the frosty mornings a bit. I will always prefer to go walking with the dogs on frosty ground instead of muddy ground. The land around me right now is like a Southern swamp with out the heat and humidity. I can actually hear it slurping.
It's all happening down my road. New neighbours moved in last week. All of our children are at the same stages of teenagehood so this summer should be fun. That is if the boys can get off the 'x'box and the girls can get off 'Facebook' long enough to get out together.
Not sure what to make of 'Facebook' sometimes. I usually end up cursing it because it interferes with homework and parent time though the chicks swear blindly that it doesn't. I have full parental control or as much as I really want to- the deal was if they wanted to sign on, I had to have and still have their passwords for spot checks. I haven't had to use my god given rights as a parent to spy and hope never to have to.
But really, what stops a teenage girl from just walking away? Turning it off or just saying 'no'. All's I had to worry about as a teenager was some stupid boy heavy breathing down the phone because he was too chicken to actually open his mouth and speak. Now even the stupidest boys become pretty brave infront of a screen and say such crap. Our chicks aren't thick skinned and words can hurt, never mind the sticks and stones. So much to worry about.

On a completely different note, I had a chicken thief and not a four legged one. My girls are very close to the road and as nothing was disturbed in their happy home, I can only guess it was a human! Strange thing was that I haven't been closing their door and somebody had closed it the night my pretty girl got snatched. The real bummer is that she layed the prettiest pale green eggs. My son thought the idea of green eggs was gross but I thought it was cool in the whole 'green eggs and ham' kind of way.
I also have a lame hen. She and Chicklet went for a little wander and when I caught up with them, Muffin was bleeding on her leg. She hasn't put it down since last Saturday and I have had to baby her. Fresh bowl of water in her box and a cranberry muffin every morning. She is hopping about now but I think she expects freshly baked goods for breakfast every morning now. Chicklet has been standing on one leg in sympathy. I'm pleased she hasn't died. I actually get a bit attatched to these birds! Plus the fact that fresh eggs are the best.

Spending Mother's Day -Mothering Sunday on the hockey pitch again this year. Maybe I'll get a take away so won't have to do dishes Sunday night.

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