I don't want them to grow up too quickly and miss what being young and carefree is all about.
I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
My other children- the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Yah, Finally got the Christmas buzz. I have hung the wreaths on the doors,picked out about seven different Christmas trees though I know I can only have one and had help from my sweet little chick to decorate the chick tree. It is very girly and slightly pink even though it is taboo to have too much pink apparently if you are a girl. Discrimination against the colour blue or something.  Slight health issue lurking in the hen house at the moment with one of my chicks. Not sure where it is going  but  I'm trying to knock it on the head. She has decided that food isn't necessary. Great. More later on that. 18 days to go to the big day. This is the busy season for me work wise and I am getting plenty of fresh air, rain and shine. I smell like Christmas trees and have sap in my hair but have only burned my finger once with the glue gun making beautiful wreaths worthy on London front doors. Get to pick out a perfect tree for a celeb family today even if they don't do much for me. The chicks think it's cool.
The real chicks are pissing me off though- one egg a day! and that is between the 4 of them.

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