I don't want them to grow up too quickly and miss what being young and carefree is all about.
I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
My other children- the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Busy Bee

I have a few things going on at the moment that are keeping me nicely busy. 

 I have started studying for my Bee Keeping classes. Becoming a beekeeper is one of those things I have always thought about doing. Much like Pooh Bear, I love honey. I love steak too but have not thought about raising my own herd of Belted Galloway's to feed my stomach. I'm allergic to wasp stings so I don't look forward to the first bee sting. Different venom apparently but a sting bites no matter who does it. I have to do a lot of reading and because I love to, note taking too. I have kitted myself out with coloured pens, a swanky leather note book for class and new pages for my Filofax with a planner for the hives/bees (colony). I must know what they are always up to apparently even though I don't have a colony yet. I will be ready when they come!

I have also been talked into joining a  charity that some of my friends are on. Action Medical Research. All a good cause and they are good at raising the funds.  I just can't believe that I have been able to avoid being roped in until  now. Imagine 14 women trying to make one decision on what to serve 150 women for lunch. Then selling tickets to it! The first meeting I went to was strangely organised but only because a million emails get sent around the wires telling us all what the others are really thinking before and after the meetings. I was bombarded with 15 emails the other morning before  my first meeting and as I didn't know what  or who had sent all these weird emails to me(thinking they should have gone to spam) about really odd things, I kept deleting them, only to find out at the meeting that they were AMR related! I didn't know who all the members were until I showed up and then kept it very quiet that I had deleted information I actually needed! Starting off well here, not...

Then there is my dog Rosalynn, who has gone deaf. She is not even 7 yet so I am concerned. The children were sure that it was selective hearing but as she has started snapping at the other two dogs, off to the vets we went. Bad news. There are no obvious signs except she can't hear. Perfectly health otherwise.  It has come on pretty quick as well. I think around Christmas time it started to really go down hill though.  The completely ignoring me was one give away but then she wouldn't come when I called her to breakfast or for treats. I have been taking her to agility classes the last three weeks which she hasn't really done before and she struggles a bit. She has snapped at a couple of the other dogs there and sometimes just wonders off to have a smell of something. I am having to start teaching her hand signals, hand language actually, to help her communicate with me. I do find she sits and stares at me often now, waiting to learn something new. I feel so bad for her. Going out for walks is hard work now. I have one deaf dog who loves to run, one old blind dog who wonders into ditches and constantly bumps into the back of my knees and the youngest who I am training to herd the other two! Her only fun now is chasing the cats!

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