I don't want them to grow up too quickly and miss what being young and carefree is all about.
I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sofa So Good?

Our living room has (had) four sofas/couches in it until Sunday. Only one large three seater and the others are two seaters. It's a largish 'L' shaped room and so has two sitting ares so to speak, one on the sunny side of the room and one in front of the wood burner. All fine. On our second floor (third floor to Americans) there is the Rooster's desk and a large open planned area with not much on it. On wet days, I obedience train the puppy up there. There is also a fooze ball table that only gets used during drunken moments. The floor is hard wood  and is the easiest room in the house to clean. Ideal.

This school year though, my chick has decided to take over the desk as it is bigger then hers and she can spread out all her GCSE crap (papers) and books and really get down to the business of studying. Fine. She works hard and uses the space well. It's quiet up there for her and as I know she is working hard, I don't need to go up there in the evenings to help her.

The problem is this. When Rooster needs to work at his desk,he can't because Chick is there. So he takes what papers he needs and sits on an old dining room chair across from her in the corner of the room to work, papers on his lap. When he is done, he just leaves the papers on the floor! The fact that he has taken over the dining room table downstairs with all his hockey coaching paper work is besides the point in his head. He doesn't like the dining room chair or working in the dining room. 

This past weekend, he decided that the living room has too many sofas not being sat on and that the second floor needs a sofa or two so he can sit down up there to read his papers. He would also like a flat screen TV on the wall and a fridge but he is pushing his luck. 

So, I cleaned the floor up there, hauled up a spare chair from the guest room and let the Rooster and chick boy drag up the smallest of the two seater sofas in to my lovely, was easy to clean, was empty space, space. It took ten minutes for the dogs to find this sofa (yes they come up stairs) and chair and promptly scratch around on them and then settle down for a nap! They had never sat on these before and I was not pleased. Family thinks it's hilarious that I take the dogs to obedience classes and as soon as I'm not looking, they hop on the furniture. I'm sure that Rooster will still just leave his papers in a heap on the floor though even if he does use the sofa. 

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