I don't want them to grow up too quickly and miss what being young and carefree is all about.
I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
My other children- the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sport, sport, sport, sport,sport

I have had my fill of sport for awhile. 
I have spent 10 hours on the side of various hockey pitches in various parts of Essex watching sport. Hockey. 
I have been shook out of bed to watch early morning rugby and am now sitting by the fire(my house felt chilly) listening to the dog snoring away with the sound of a 20-20 cricket match going on in the next room! 
I would like everyone in this house to go to work or school and leave me in silence and indoors for a whole day with no sport!
I would like to not eat out of a picnic hamper or in front of the tv, which were turned on in every room of the house on Saturday morning, and have sports equipment scattered all over my front hall way for at least one week(it will be two days).
It's a lot to ask of my sports mad family but who knows, miracles happen.


  1. I've just posted about the accident the Man-CHild had involving his finger and a school bus safety belt. I have to say though, it's put him out for the rest of the golf-team schedule and I'm not that sorry!

  2. I have just been offered some football related event thingy to go to by a PR - sounds like exactly your kind of cuppa ;-)
    Sports is a bog YES for me as long as it involves yoga and/or ballet. Sports on TV is a definite NoNo. Nothing better to bore me to death. I feel for you!