I don't want them to grow up too quickly and miss what being young and carefree is all about.
I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
My other children- the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Monday, 8 August 2011

The Mother Was Here!

I have had bit of a whirl wind over the last couple of weeks. My mother decided to pay a visit to this side of the pond. It was too hot in Florida for her so she first flew to New England to climatize before flying here. It was 98f in Boston but 68f here! I had to tell her to pack a sweater it was so chilly. 
"Will it get warmer?" she asked.
"Maybe", was the best I could do. 
So when she arrived I lent her a pair of socks and a sweater and put a blanket on her bed. It was all a bit pathetic really. 

When it did warm up, it was instant and we were unprepared for it. We ventured down to London for the day to the South Bank Vintage Fair. We had a bit of sunshine in the morning but it was iffy to whether it would turn into something nice or not so we dressed as if it wouldn't. Well that served us right. We were happily popping in and out of tents when the sun came out full force. I think because I hadn't seen it for so long, it kind of had the vampire effect on me. I had to immediately go and buy a very cool pair of vintage Emmanuelle Khahn sunglasses to hide my eyes. I love them.
I also managed to pick up a fab navy, Scottish wool, long Burberry coat for £70 for the boy rooster. I was very pleased when we got home, that he loved it and it fit because it was a slog to carry home with the sun shinning and the weight of the thing!

About half way through the mother's visit, Rooster swam, biked and ran the London Triathlon. I felt bad about making the whole family rise at 5:30 am on a Sunday morning to trek down to London to watch him but it was SO worth it. IT was very exciting, super organised and great fun all around. 2hrs42 minutes after he started, he then finished. And the sun was out (but not warm at that early hour). We are very proud of his efforts but mainly I am pleased not to have to cook double amounts of carbs for every meal to keep him fueled. If I don't make pasta or rice for the next couple of weeks, I will be very happy!

So the visit went over well, I kept mother busy every day with little projects. Garden centers, museums, lunches out, shopping. And of course I had to play the good daughter/mother and not shout at the chicks or the Rooster for that matter (though he did his best to stay at the office as late as possible most days). I had to secretly keep the house clean when she wasn't looking and cook effortless meals as if I threw them together like that every day. I couldn't be seen to be slouching in front of the television or relaxing in any sort of way, it isn't the done thing in her book. She did like my dogs though and was quite happy to watch as I practiced with them in their obedience and agility training.
When I could, I ran with the dogs through the fields to escape her for a bit. Exercise is not part of her life so I was safe there to escape without her!

I don't see her often and talking weekly is nice but a visit really is the only option if she wants to catch up with the grandchildren. But dose it have to be in my house? I'm exhausted.

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