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I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Taking a Sickie

I've used the same surgery in our village for the last 16 years but not long ago, our doctor retired and the practice was rearranged.

When my headaches started, I managed to see the same doctor twice but then not again as he is only a once a weeker.  Then I couldn't even get an emergency appointment. Frustrated, I went private at my own expense.

So this week I needed a doctors appointment for my poor little chick. She came back from a school camping weekend with the right side of her neck all swollen. Glands raging and tonsils all pussy. she was a sight. So first thing Monday morning I called the surgery and guess what? No appointments, call back after 4pm but  even then I wouldn't be guaranteed an appointment. Wednesday would have been the next available. I needed her on antibiotics asap  and they were not going to help me out. I was very cross and let them know it.

So I bundled her into the car and drove down to our Sainsbury's where a new NHS walk in has opened up. We were in and out in no time with 10 days worth of anti-b'. 

So what is going on if I can't even get a child into an emergency appointment in my own village! I'm still angry about it.

Otherwise, all is well in the chicken coup. My new girls are settling in and really, I am more worried about gypsies that have moved onto the edge of the village then the fox at the moment. 


  1. Sorry I have to ask what on earth is an NHS walk in and why is it in a supermarket?

  2. Our Sainsbury's recently up-sized and built a medical clinic behind the supermarket. The NHS is the National Medical Service and walk in meant that I didn't need an appointment for my daughter, we just walked in, filled out a form and got to see a doctor with in 25 minutes.

  3. How ridiculous. All surgeries should have emergency appointments - especially for children. You should complain - not sure who to though....

  4. We have the same problem in our surgery. Ring in the afternoon for an appointment up to 4 weeks away or ring at 8.30am for an appointment that morning.
    About 50 people are ringing at 8.30. By 8.35 all appointments are taken. It's an impossible task. But here's what I want to know: why can't you email the doctor? Or the doctor, you. If the doctor so much as wants to know your date of birth you have to make an appointment. The NHS takes no account of the fact that patients (and parents) have busy lives and their time is just as valuable as the doctor's. Test results are typed up and laboriusly sent by post: hospital to doctor - why? Because someone fears that a confidential email might go astray. Personally I couldn't care less if it did if it meant quicker communication. People could always be asked to give their permission. Thanks for visiting my blog.