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I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
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Friday, 6 May 2011

I have been found out.

I have been found out. 

A girlfriend sent me an email to say she and a friend where googling chickens and came across my blog. And read it! 

I should be flattered but she was a bit critical and well, made fun of me in a round about way. I haven't heard from the other woman but don't really know her very well anyway.
I have never had one of you followers do that, poke fun, thank you.

For weeks I have been avoiding the computers in the house. I stand in front of them and just look and not touch. I dread that she would have left a comment or another email to me. It's stupid but she has really put me off blogging and finally today I had had enough and logged on.

I feel violated as I had no intentions of having anyone I know personally ever read My blog.
It's like reading my diary, which I keep as well. I wouldn't just leave it out on the kitchen table at a dinner party for any guest to read. 

I write for me, to poke fun at me or mine. To bitch and moan about me or mine and to gush about me or mine. 

I don't mind how many or few readers and followers I have. That isn't my gratification. Putting fingers to keys is and having the occasionally feed back is an extra bonus. I love that people, my followers, do read along with my life but I am not sure that I want a woman who can be a bit nosy at the best of times knowing my personal business, in this way.

Maybe it was only a matter of time but as it is, my husband doesn't even know I blog. Though now that she has sent a email to my home computer, I guess he knows now too. 

I don't see this woman very often but she runs in a similar circle of friends. There are some personal feelings and things in my life that  I just don't share with all my friends. Writing about these things does help me get through, past, over and  on with my life. True followers are a part of that but I think if she keeps reading, she will just be a tattle tale.

So now what? She know who she is and she may have ruined this for me.  I have to think on this one for a bit. 


  1. Mother Hen, I can completely sympathise. I closed down my last blog because someone put a link to it on a French forum. I hasd purposefully kept it away from these places because of the psychos who post there. I was so upset but in the end I started blogging again under another name. Don't let them stop you. At the time it feels like the most awful violation but in a few months you may well look back and wonder why it upset you so much.

  2. Don't let it stop you.
    Hopefully she will re visit and after your last post realise she has upset you - I wouldn't care if I were you weather she gossiped or not - a gossip will always hang themselves, given enough rope - its just a matter of time!
    Don't stop blogging because of one silly person who tries to make themselves feel big by trying to make other people feel small!

  3. Wylye Girl and Cuckoos, thank you for your kind comments. Especially about the gossip. I will keep my chin up.

  4. I would keep going--but create a new blog with a new name. If it fills a need for you then you need to keep doing it! I think its pretty nasty of her to be like that, but I also think she probably has no idea what the whole blogging thing is all about. New name, new look and keep going. xox

  5. Rise above it.
    You blog for your own reasons and should be proud of what you write.
    If this woman has an issue with your blog and wishes to criticise it - openly or otherwise - that is her point of view and you just have to deal with it. Anything less will mean you are a) ashamed of what you have achieved with your blog (which is ridiculous), or b) fearful of her (one way or another).
    Take it from someone who has been through the mill... and still sails close to the wind!
    Maybe you could rename yourself 'Mother Duck', with the analogy of "water off a duck's back"?

    Chin up. You are terrific.

    LCM x

  6. Oh gosh - I live in fear that someone will figure out who I am and that would be dangerous given some of the deep truths in my blog. But like you, I find I need it and it helps me. This person doesn't sound very pleasant for being critical. She may get the message when she reads this post. Whatever decision you come to, please don't lose touch x