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I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
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Saturday, 26 March 2011

      I have been tagged for a Liebster Blog award from Knitting Not Necessary. I follow her as a fellow knitter and I thank her very much. The award is for us who have less then 300 followers in the blog world and as always, there are a few rules.
1- display the  award and link it back to the giver,
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3-Discover some new favourites out there.
4- Enjoy the love.

This has actually been a really nice way to start my day. I have been off line for a bit with computer illness. The Blackberry has been working fine but I find it hard to keep up in the blogging world via my little purple phone.

I have enjoyed the last several days of warm weather and am pleased to see the end of hockey season approaching. Soon there will be no more gritty sand in the front hall way from sandy astros. Soon the smell of rank shin pads will be taken over by the Spring in the air as I have my kitchen door open all day. And soon there will be no more washing of plastic clothes that seem to never really smell clean until next year. Best of all, Soon I won't be a hockey widow and I will get my Rooster back into the garden where any good husband belongs on a Saturday morning!

You see, I refuse to cut the grass. We have a horrible island that you have to cross a bridge to get to, hence lifting the mower up and down steps of the bridge to even get to the island. I don't cut the island. Then there is the bank of the river. Since I nearly dropped the mower in the river a few years ago as it is so heavy and close to the water, Rooster doesn't think I should mow there any more.
Little does he know that I hate that particular mower SO much that I nearly dropped it in on purpose but then guilt got me. He happened to be watching and thought I had just slipped and came to my rescue. Now he does the mowing. Hehehe. He has to do the strimming as well because the strimmer is taller then me! I get to use the ride on tractor. My favourite garden job.

You will understand this photo in a minute, just read on......

So now, hockey season is nearly over and I get my gardener back. Today I threw open the garage door in anticipation of finding all the tools and work gloves for our Sunday together tomorrow, only to be stopped in my tracks. I don't go into the garage much at this time of year.

I could NOT get into my garage. Not true. I made it in to the light switch two feet in then was blocked by STUFF. So much stuff. Where did it come from? Whose is it? Why is it there? Get it out!

Rooster has his last game today and wasn't home when I opened that horrible door. My garage, home of my lovely red ride on tractor and the kayaks. I couldn't even see my tractor because there was and I think it was, a huge red and white plastic goal keepers bag sitting on top of it! That was only some of the stuff. There are empty card board boxes, tubs and tubs of hockey sticks, junk that is un-describable and more! Now, I know he brought a few things home from his office and that he cleaned out the pantry a few weeks back and that some of the hockey stuff isn't his but honestly, why move junk from one place to another if it doesn't involve an incinerator!!!

I am going to order a skip. I LOVE skips and my garage is in need of a skip. And I am going to use the Rooster's credit card. Hehehe again!

So, to Spring, and the garden, if we can find it under all the junk.

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