I don't want them to grow up too quickly and miss what being young and carefree is all about.
I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

She won't speak to me!

She won't speak to me because I pulled the " Because I am your Mother" card.

She is beautiful, confident, smart- street and brain, and a pain in the ass but if I loved her more, I would melt. Oh, and she is only 14.

When the boys come of age, their voices change and they start to grunt. Easy.
When the girls come of age, they get mood swings (I started her on Evening Primrose oil tabs ages ago to combat that one) and their voices become shrieks of 'But why not? But why not?' Not so easy.

So the Mother card came out yesterday, while we were in the car and I was driving no less. The whole family seems to think that the best time to get me is while I am behind the wheel of a ton of metal. Is it because I can't escape? Or completely freak out because I might crash the car with us in it? Who knows but I think I spend too much time in the car!

So my lovely chick asked me if she could get on a train from Stansted on Sunday to go to see a friend in Oakham for a few hours, I was driving at the time. I knew exactly who the 'friend' was and friend being a boy at a boarding school 2 hours away, I said,'Sorry, no.' Switched from 6th gear down to 5th to slow the car just in case. I didn't need her going to see a 'friend' and coming back with a 'boyfriend'.

Then all I heard was, 'blah,blah, so unfair, blah, blah,but why not?, blah, blah, blah, blah, I'm not a baby you know!' Tightened my grip on the steering wheel.

That's the problem, she isn't a baby, she is a beautiful young teenage girl, MY girl and I really feel that her going off to visit a boy who she swears is just a friend, is not on. Case closed. Now she isn't speaking to me. It's only been 14 hours but all I have had from her are boy grunts.

Thank god, Rooster agrees 100% with me on this one.

She has 250 plus friends on facebook, bbm's the whole bus ride home from school to where I pick her up, blogs and has a social life better then Rooster and I. Am I so out of line to deny her seeing this one boy who we don't even know?
I think not. I'm holding my ground on this one. She can visit the old fashion way, by telephone.


  1. Darn right. Start building a Rapunzel Tower right now!!! (She's got the hair for it)

    Gosh Golly, mine's only 7 and I'm getting the back chat and the flicky hair thing at certain boys in her class.

    What about a nice Catholic Convent, the ones with the vows of silence and never setting foot outside their walls?....

    .... I'm not helping am I?

  2. She is gorgeous - you must keep her locked up till shes 31!
    Your blog is fab and I have booked a spot on the sofa for this evening to have a catchup on your archive.
    We love chickens but have no room for them in this little mad house, despite three begging, pleading faces and "it could be a house chicken". So we visit grandma in somerset who is chicken and guinea fowl barking, and uncle Matthew's small holding instead.

    PS. I second the convent.

  3. You are not out of line....and she knows it! But then what are parents for if not to push at the boundaries that they set. It's her job to assert her independence and your job to let that happen slowly at a level she can manage. However angry she may be, deep down, at a level she's not even aware of, she's grateful that you care enough about her to say no!
    She is very beautiful by the way

  4. I think the Convent is also a good idea! Now if we could install it in a Tower, that would be great.

    Words of wisdom, Selina, thanks. Hope you are well.

    Thanks for joining T are C in my N.