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Monday, 12 July 2010

Teenagers from Hell

Up until Saturday at 5 pm, I was having such a nice weekend. Beautiful weather, good company and a lovely going away party/BBQ kept me in high spirits and not thinking about the imminent sweet 16 party my son was about to have from 6pm that evening.

Girls and boys, frolicking and  camping in our lovely field ( girls where being driven to a different sleeping location by yours truly two miles away for the night) till midnight.
That was just about fine, I could just about handle that.

What I could not handle was the group of thug teens from our village and the next door one over,that strolled down our road at 5pm with towels around their necks and foul running commentaries spewing from their mouths as they passed our driveway. They where not the invited group or friends with my son. Of course I was in the driveway at the time having just returned from the BBQ and dressed in a lovely little floaty summer dress, all done up hair, face and shoes. I new exactly where these teens where headed and kindly told them to NOT cross our property to the river and to stay off our private land.

(View from our house to the pond,river and our fields beyond)

That went down like a lead balloon. Rooster was also home and shouted at the group to stay clear of our property. They laughed at us. They pissed me off but Rooster said to just let them have 1/2 hour then they would hopefully leave. If not, then he would sort it.

My sons friends all arrived, a lovely little group, 10 girls, 7 boys all dressed for splashing and frolicking down in our field. Well, I walked down with a tray of food only to find the horrible chavs all over our field and in our river and they had multiplied! 8 became about 14, mostly guys and they were  scaring our girls and hounding our boys. Rooster and I had had enough and stormed over to kick them off once and for all. 

Then it got ugly. Words were said, threats were made and Rooster stormed off to call the police. But I have a big mouth and the chavs started to threaten my children. I instantly became mother to 10 girls and 6 boys as well as my own 14 year old daughter and 16 year old son. I was in Mother Protecting Her Babies mode. One of the chavs actually said he would come back and burn down my sons tent later that night if I didn't shut up and leave them alone, ON MY PROPERTY.

I was pissed and still in my party dress, and told them they were trespassing, rude, disrespectful, breaking the law, and stupid for thinking that I wouldn't do everything in my power to get them to leave. Then it got interesting. The gang has a girl for a leader and when I faced her off and said I hope she had children some day then she would know what it was like to want to protect them, she said she was going into the army so she could drink and party at the governments expense and 'aint no having any sodden brats' Pretty mouth. 

Her mates bike was on the ground at my feet and I had to step over it to get right in her face. I picked the bike up and handed it to my son and told him to take it home as it was now ours as we found it on our property. Pretty Mouth went nuts. this and that and called me more names then I care to say though they went in one ear and out the other. 

At this stage, son did come back riding the bike around in circles and all his friends, My new children, joined him but I was a bit unaware of this as Pretty Mouth then threatened me with physical violence. 'If you don't give that back, I'll punch your face in' sort of thing. Well, I surprised myself a bit and stepped right up to her, she was taller too, bitch, and told her to try it. If she touched me, I would take her down so fast her head would spin, and it would hurt.      She actually stepped back. 

Then I screamed in her face, "Just Get Off My Property!" and turned and pointed at our gate and saw son, daughter and all the friends standing right behind me with shock and awh expressions on their little faces. I had been in this kind of tunnel when I was facing Pretty Mouth and completely unaware of all the others around us. It was very strange. I guess it was adrenalin because after that, they did, go, slowly, but I was shaking and I was SO Angry.

 My son walked me back to our house so I could ask Rooster when police where coming. He never called them. He was watering the garden and didn't know about the confrontation or the threat to the tent, which was repeated twice more time by one of the chavs. Then he said I should definitely call them. At that stage, the thugs were then headed back up the hill away from our property and I did call the police and asked them to advise me on how to handle the situation. Our property was put on 'high alert' for 24 hours if a 999 call was made from our address. 

That didn't stop me shaking or worrying for the next 20 hours. Eventually the shaking stopped but that was because I now saw sweet 16 and his friends having a really nice time and brushing the crazy mother mad moment away. They swam and ate and sat around the fire pit, wrapped in sweatshirts, talking and laughing and being really nice, gracious, good teenagers. I was so pleased with them all. Girls were driven home at midnight and I think by 2am I fell asleep exhausted for a couple of hours, wondering if Unwanted visitors would be lighting anything on fire. At 4am all was still well and Rooster did the 6am look out.

It was all exhausting and I couldn't even have a drink all night as I had to drive girls home! 

I am still angry Monday morning but now I am wondering if I am angry at myself for completely loosing my cool in front of the good teenagers. My son and daughter and  their guests did say I was really brave and a total bad ass for standing up to Pretty Mouth and that nobody does and she deserved it. I am now the coolest Mom.  I see them all, sitting round, wasting their time doing nothing and bothering locals.

Why are there children out there who are so naughty. 

My car will probably get keyed and the windows at the house broken but I would do it again. I would protect what is mine (even the children who weren't). But how far should one go???


  1. Lawdy - you GO girl! I think what you did was really brave. I honestly cannot believe the younger generation that is out there today. A generation of pampered, disrespecting, lazy gits. I sincerely hope they stay away from you and your property. However remind me to never cross you. ;-) Makes my post today seem like chicken feed in comparison!

  2. That is very brave and I too would have been in awe of you.

    What I find amazing is that for all their bravado when they are in a pack, on their own they are spineless wonders. Useless, directionless, spineless wonders.

    Bring back national service, I say. If their own parents cannot instill respect and discipline, a bout of boot camp soon will.

    LCM x

  3. I would have reacted exactly the same way - and probably escalated things even furthr knowing my luck. It does totally get your back up though doesn't it? Brats.

  4. Cross the Pond- I can't believe they start so young at being bullies.

    LCM- A friend of mine suggested the same thing about national service!

    Expat mum- Brats indeed, I am still fuming 48 hours later.

  5. I think it sounds a bit like you behaved as badly as them. When we condemn a behaviour it's a reminder not to carry out this behaviour ourselves, you were both threatening and angry with each other but as the older person perhaps you could have mustered up a few deep breaths and been the bigger person. I know it's hard in the heat of the moment but showing our kids how we expect them to behave when they're dealing with conflict is incredibly improtant. Would you have liked your lovely 16 year old to follow in your footsteps? Or acted wisely and maturley so that you were even more proud of him than you obviously are.
    Some children don't have the parenting that they should and it's up to other parents to show them another way.
    Hope all's calm now x

  6. M H- I did behave badly and told you so but what i haven't said is that those naughty children have been terrorizing the locals and the boarding school in the village and nobody does a thing.
    I could have let it go until the threat of killing my children with fire played into it. Then there was no hope. I did talk to all my children after and apologized for my behavior. They still thought I was cool.
    So there you go. Who wins?

  7. Blimey - its sounds terrifying but good for you for sticking up to them. I'm sure your children and their friends respect you for what you did and you set them a good example of not putting up with scum. Just hope I don't have to resort to the same tactics at my son's 5th party this Oct! ;)

  8. I was shaking when I read this. And I thought these kind of things don't happen outside of Islington? This calls for an ASBO, me thinks...