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I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Things that are organised and things that are not...

I'm having a thought from tattieweasle  about  organising one's life. I got home this afternoon and while letting my chickens have a roam through the flower beds, my neighbours burglar alarm went off. Bright sunshine, late afternoon, strapping 6"2' son at my side, I moosied over, as I knew they where away, and had a peek to see who was burgling their house. First thing that was amiss was  the yard, which was a mess. Toys everywhere. The bird house was even knocked over and the laundry spinning thing was perched awkwardly against a window.  (I have a spin dryer, being American, and do not dry anything except smelly shoes and wet dogs, outside so don't know what the spinning thing is called).

 I peeked through the window and was gob smacked. The room had been ransacked. It was a tip. I quickly moved to the next window and found the same thing. Then the next window which was the children's play room. It was complete kayos! Then it hit me. I snooped through every window I could reach while that blasted alarm pinged in my ears and found the organisational skills of  trolls!!! They are very nice people but they left on holiday, leaving their house pretty messy.  Now maybe I am anal, but I leave it like I like to find it. I would freak if I came back from holiday to a tip.

They need  an Organisation Class 101. Or a maid. Or a skip.

I am not the most organised but I know where it all is. All four stories of it, it's a big house. I lend this skill to a skip company around the corner from me who drops one of there small babies over every September for me to fill. I find it both necessary and very therapeutic. We are a house of pack rats and I have the job of cleaning house. I burn what can not be binned and bin what can't be burned. How great is that?

I will leave a nice note in their letter box to say I had a peek around and was pretty sure all was ok while the alarm buzzed.

So my organised thing today was the Suffolk Show. Very sunny and warm. Nice organising Met Forcast East. Yummy smells from the food halls and no horrible smells from the cattle and pig barns despite the heat. The chicks didn't get lost, stolen or hurt and managed to find us immediately after we went to the cash machine. Just when we where thinking about getting an organic, chocolate milkshake. Again very cleverly organised of them, not me. And best of all, when I left the massive car park that had 3 thousand cars in it, and turned left onto an un-signed posted, country lane, I managed to make the right turn to get me back to the A14 without getting lost. Very Organised of me!


  1. You are not anal, trust me. Personally I would have had a heart attack just looking at the mess, let alone thinking people actually choose to live like that.

    So guess that makes me anal. Touché.

    LCM x

  2. That happened to a friend of mine a couple of years ago. The police kept commenting on what the burglars had done to the house and she had to stand there quietly and not tell them it was always like that.
    Just read Tattie's post and now feeling very "slack". I too, have a four storey house which is the bain/bane? of my life. I should embrace the exercise that is schlepping things up and down the stairs, but the reality if that there are small piles of "things to be put away" at the bottom of each flight. Pah!

  3. So glad you had a great time at the Suffolk Show after 2 days there myself slighly sunburnt and very tired have done my best to create a house just like your neighbours! Skip being organised as I write!