I don't want them to grow up too quickly and miss what being young and carefree is all about.
I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
My other children- the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Road isn't less traveled

  I had dinner with some people over the weekend and they were asking about the road I live on, what was it like?
Well, it's a lovely, quiet country lane not meant for two "Land Rovers to pass at once but that happens sometimes, so the quiet gets disturbed by horns. This usually happens during the school run hours a couple of times a day. There are also horse riders that stroll along the road and that occasionally causes breaks to squeal. Then there are my dogs that bark at innocent people that get too close to the house as they walk by. This time of year it's really pretty and wild with queen ann's lace, tall grasses and wild flower hedges that are all in need of trimming. 
The road wasn't sounding so good. It got worse though,and strange.

Running Man-  the man that runs by at a very fast pace, fully kitted out in a track suit. Though lately, Running Man has been seen in a little red pick up truck with a woman in the front, driving down our road, not running.

Waving Lady- she walks very day, back and forth, up and down the road. She doesn't smile, she just stops and salutes you if she knows you or your car. She hates my dogs.

Biker Boy- Haven't figured him out yet but he bikes up and down the road on a mountain bike, in the hardest gear about six times, back and forth, for a reason that I can only guess, is exercise. There are two hills before and after out house so maybe he enjoys the pain.

Mean Old Man- Well that says it all. He wears creepy dark glasses and walks with a cane that I know he doesn't need because when he banged on our hall window with it a few weeks back to annoy my dogs, I caught him and ran around our hedge to tell him off, and he was sprinting away. He has to be the other side of 70. Unfortunately one wall of our house is right on the road and with in easy reach of old men with canes.

Then there is me and I am sure that I amuse our immediate neighbours on our road sometimes. I tend to go out and feed our chickens or do a bit of gardening on the weekends,in my pajamas and sometimes with a mug of tea in hand. They are not Desparate Housewives sort of things, which might do more then amuse the neighbours. They are long, slouchy sort of bottoms and any t-shirt from the drawer sort of things. Maybe it's the bright blue sheepskin slippers that get tongues wagging though. Sometimes friends drive by on the school run and see me out in the driveway doing my thing,and give their horns a little toot. I'm sure it's admiration for the fact that it is 8am and I am still in pj's!
  The shame, but I have been known to do the school run a bit early so I can go from pj's to running gear without an extra outfit in between. A big baggy sweatshirt over the pajamas and I'm golden, who would know. I would hate to be caught dead going up to school in some of the things I wear running. I am not a glam exerciser.

So by the time I finished explaining about our road, but not my pajamas, it was looking less country lane and more country files. It's a good road but not for everyone I guess.


  1. I love the description about the mean old man, I'd leave the gate open for the dogs to give him a good old chase! To me your lane/road sounds idylllic!

  2. Oh, I often take my kids to school in my pajamas!

    Good for you!