I don't want them to grow up too quickly and miss what being young and carefree is all about.
I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
My other children- the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Done and Dusted

 I am Very happy to have half term over. I am probably one of the few parents who is. Our half term was spent at home with a teen on each floor surrounded by text books, empty pen cartridges and hot chocolate stained mugs. They both worked like demons and since the weather was pretty foul, they didn't bother to get out much for fresh air except for the odd game of hockey. I kept them fed and watered and in paper and clean sheets and clothes and really that is all I could do.

 Even when I dragged, yes I did have to drag her, the teen chick to Bluewater for a morning of shopping and sushi lunch, I could see her looking at her watch and wondering what time we would be home so she could practice her Spanish verbs.

 I am terrible when it comes to their work loads, I feel more pressured for them to do well then they do I think. I can't believe I was thinking about taking an Open University course myself. The thought of doing homework at my age, I am one year older tomorrow actually, makes my stomach turn. Thank goodness I missed the deadline for the course I was going to take and it filled up. 

 Environmental Science. What was I thinking? Maybe that it isn't too late to save the planet for my future grandchildren. Rooster is still trying to get me to sign up for something else. I think he is seeing into the future as we have been talking a lot lately about the teens going off to University. I feel he is worried about the empty nest syndrome for me.  Ooops, there goes my stomach turning again. 

I do have plenty to keep me busy really.

 I just signed Cadi up for another dog training class for example. She and I have had long talks about it and we decided that we both really enjoy it. One more session and then she can start agility classes. She thinks that's a great idea. Trainer wants her to be a year old before she does too much jumping and to master catching a tennis ball. She isn't as interested in the whole 'catch' thing as my other two Tollers so we are working on it. It is keeping me very busy.

 I'm thinking of moving the chicken house as well, to the island on the other side of our river. I thought that they might like to be more free range then they already are. Though it would be a big project as I would have to fence off the footpath so the 3 Tollers wouldn't get the chickens and make them their lunch.
  I stupidly left the hen door open the other day when I went out to feed them. The dogs were all out with me and when I turned around, hens and dogs where all chasing each other around. Thank goodness that old dog is nearly blind and youngest dog is still a bit thick about what tastes good. Flapping chickens actually freaked her out a bit. Fortunately middle dog obeys commands when frantic mother shouts sit-stay at the top of her voice. Even the chickens froze for a split second then high tailed it back into their house.

 The garden is another project that needs tackling this year. 3 dogs and a wet flooded winter have made it a real mess. I think I have plenty to keep me busy for the moment. 


  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow and many, many thanks for your firm, wise comment over at mine. I will take your advice. Thank you x

  2. Hang in there Selina, 14 more hours and it will be another day :)

  3. It's your birthday tomorrow? Happy birthday!

    Yes, I'm another mother who is happy half term is over. I do love having my daughter's company but it's so much nicer when they can actually spend time with us! And good for you for enforcing a study break. Although I think you;re very brave going to Bluewater during half term!

    In between dog training and garden work, we must organise a coffee...

  4. Doesn't life whizz by.....enjoy your garden and tell us about it so we can learn from you (god I'm selfish!) Happy Birthday for last week. xx

  5. Hi Lou, Just spent 2 days butchering all woody stemmed shrubs and have loved it. Everything looks so tidy now. Get the clippers out girls!