I don't want them to grow up too quickly and miss what being young and carefree is all about.
I want them to enjoy it all. But being their mom, I want to be part of their enjoyment too...So far so good.
My other children- the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Tag, I'm it-

I've been tagged to put someone on the Naughty Step. Hot Cross Mum  has kindly included me in her list of challengers and after careful consideration, I think I will choose Paris Hilton.
Drugs, really Paris? And at a World Cup game? Do you have any smarts? And then again a week later. It is not worth it. A very visible socialite, icon to many young impressionable teens and tweens, should not be found to be doing drugs of any kind. 

Kudos to you, Paris for making another mistake in your charmed life. On the Step with you!

So, I will Tag a couple of fellow bloggers to see who they they would put on the Naughty Step.
'Cross the Pond
Brits n' Bobs
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                             Tattie Weasle
                             Writes in the City


  1. Thanks for tagging me Mother Hen! This was a tough choice - between Lindsay (I'm a drunkerd) Lohan and Mel (I'm a biggot) Gibson. I went with Mel!

  2. Hi Mother Hen. Funny small world. Cross the Pond was my flatmate (as you say) in Manhattan many years ago!

  3. I think I might put the Queen on the naughty step for inviting Nick Griffin, the BNP leader to her garden party today. What's she thinking???

  4. I think that could be a very heated garden party Selina, your right!